Mutilate File Wiper 2.97

Mutilate File Wiper 2.97: Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space overed with data recovery or forensic software. Your sensitive files may also be vulnerable to advanced recovery techniques, EVEN WHEN OVERWRITTEN, by analyzing latent magnetic traces. Mutilate File Wiper is a file shredder or file eraser that securely deletes sensitive files. Use Mutilate to prevent attempts to recover sensitive deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery or forensic software. The program overwrites all bits in selected

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Data Destroyer 1.5

Microsoft Windows stores information about the programs you use, the documents and pictures you view, including many other things. Each application you use generates its own history data, access logs, temporary data files, and each file contains time and date stamps. To ensure corporate and personal data security, this information, along with any Recycle Bin activity, all of which constitutes an electronic data trail, should be securely deleted so to avoid corporate or personal information leakage. But deleting files with Windows merely removes the file system`s pointer to the file, all the data remains on your hard drive or floppy disk. The remaining data can be easily recovered with data recovery or forensic software. Your sensitive files may also be vulnerable to advanced recovery techniques, even when overwritten, by analyzing latent magnetic traces. Data Destroyer is an utility that securely removes the data content from hard drives or partitions in a manner than cannot be undone. It provides secure deletion of data from magnetic and solid-state memory. You can securely delete files, folders, evidence of Internet activity and other sensitive data.

internet, images, registry, recover, documents, files, wipe, data, delete, erase, pictures, destroy, undelete

Data Nuker Shred files, folders and more on your PC using US Government standards Securely
Data Nuker

over sensitive deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery or forensic software. Shredder allows you to purge, wipe & erase data with methods that far exceed US Department of Defence standards for file deletion (DOD 5220.22). Easily automate the cleaning process with batch files, shortcuts and scheduler. Completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Overwrites all bits

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12Ghosts Shredder 9.52: Overwrite files, drag and shred, DOD 5220.22-M conform, Wipe Disk.
12Ghosts Shredder 9.52

Overwrite files, drag and shred, DoD conform, Wipe Disk. Delete even if the file is locked! No trails are left of any compromising or confidential information. Nobody will ever be able to recover files from your disk! Nobody will even find out the previous name or file size. The file can be overwritten several times with random bits so that even the finest magnetic tracks are mixed up. You may choose the number of overwrites according to your security

wipe disk, shred, delete, file, destroy, shredder

Smart Bid Manager 1.0: Monitor and optimize your Overture ( listings with Smart Bid Manager
Smart Bid Manager 1.0

Smart Bid Manager is a must tool for Overture (former advertisers. Overture offers well-known pay-per-click advertisement program. Smart Bid Manager is a software tool which checks your bidding report automatically and warns you if your search term position has changed (for example because your competitor has overridden your bid). Smart Bid Manager will also warn you if your bid is not optimal (i.e., you`re paying more than necessary)

promotion, overture, bid manager, optimizer, goto

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cleverresume 1.0

Step by step professional resume and cover letter builder with sample resumes , cover letters & templates. Clever Resume will help you create and design a professional resume and show you how to “sell yourself” to the employer in order to get the interview & land the job you want. Clever resume Uses the latest strategies to equip you with the competitive edge needed to confront and overcome today`s job search challenges.

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Kairon 3.5 3.5.12: Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrology Calculation Software with SwissEphemeris and ACS Atlas
Kairon 3.5 3.5.12

over 11400 objects) 11 user definable arabic points: (by list of over 300) 18 popular house systems: Solar, Null, Koch, Placidus... glyphs: free choice of any font and any color preferences: are set independent of chart data output of data: .pdf, .eps, .tif, .aaf, .txt, .rtf partner features: synastry, composite, combine, overlaying and rotating of transparent chart windows transits: graphic and text with stepper and search function harmonics: a

occultations, composite, solar, arabic points, mac os x, eclipses, progressions, combine, apple, asteroids, anayamsa, astrology, acs atlas

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